Homes That Suffer Water Damage May Need Mold Remediation And Repair

Water damage and leaky basements are two of the worst situations for a homeowner. If not taken care of these two conditions can lead to dangerous mold problems and structural damage. Leaky basements can be fixed and water damage can be repaired by companies such as Paradigm Home Solutions. These companies have the latest technology and equipment to solve many home maintenance problems before permanent damage is done. The secret to success is to act quickly when problems are discovered.

Dampness in a basement is an indicator of a much larger problem. Damp basements are caused by leakage in the home’s foundation. These leaks can come from causes such as cracks in the basement walls, cracks where the floor and wall meet, or water coming up through the floor. Water can also come in around doors or windows. A professional water remediation service can locate the problem areas and take the proper steps to make the basement dry and usable again. While these professionals are checking for water leaks they can also check for Radon. They can stop both water and radon leaks from threatening the health and safety of family members. There are several different solutions for a leaking basement and the water remediation company professionals are trained to choose the best solutions for each house. Radon is a gas that can seep into a basement from the ground underneath it. This gas can cause serious health problems if not taken care of and there are solutions to this problem.


Dangerous mold can develop anywhere in the home where warm, damp conditions are allowed to go unchecked. These areas include unvented bathrooms, kitchens, damp basements, unvented laundry rooms, areas under roof leaks, plumbing leaks, and areas around leaky windows or skylights. Some molds are not dangerous and are easier to remove, but the black mold varieties are dangerous and need special mold remediation protocols. Once mold is discovered, it is important to call a professional mold remediation company.

The professionals with these companies can find all the mold in a house and what is causing the conditions that allow it to develop. Then, they can fix the underlying problems whether they are roof leaks, bad pipes and plumbing, or lack of ventilation. Once all the mold is gone, the home will be healthier to live in. For more information, please visit the website.

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